Duplex™ Technology

ClearSign's Duplex™ Technology in action.

In recent years, combustion system owners and operators have relied on low- and ultra-low NOx burners to reduce emissions. Unfortunately, while these technologies can improve emissions to some degree, they also cause issues with flame pattern, such as dramatically increased flame length and dangerous impingement on process tubes, leading to a number of costly operational inefficiencies.

Duplex Tile

ClearSign’s Duplex™ Technology solves all these problems, dropping NOx emissions to unprecedented levels while increasing fuel efficiency and process throughput, ushering in a new era of economically advantageous environmental compliance.

Duplex Tile Cutaway

By adding a ducted ceramic tile above a standard burner, Duplex essentially turns a single large and unruly flame into thousands of tiny, more easily controlled flames. Duplex burner architecture reduces flame length by more than 80%, offering a number of potential improvements to operations, including:

  • Increased thermal capacity: heaters may be fired at higher rates to optimize total plant output.
  • More thorough mixing: a more balanced fuel/air blend to better dilute NOx-forming species.
  • Eliminated flame impingement: less de-coking, lower failure rates and longer lifetimes.
  • Smaller heaters and boilers: equipment can be sized relative to its firing capacity.
  • Reduced operating costs: no external flue gas recirculation, no high O2 levels and/or no selective catalytic reduction.

ClearSign recently demonstrated Duplex’s capabilities at the commercial scale (in a natural draft furnace with a heat release of 5mmBTu/h and temperatures above 1,600F), where the technology reduced NOx emissions to less than 5ppm and CO to near-zero levels. Field trials at more than 45mmBtu/h conducted in the oil fields of Southern California show similar results.


ClearSign's F-5000 Commercial Test Furnace with Duplex™ Technology

ClearSign’s F-5000 Commercial Test Furnace with Duplex™ Technology

ClearSign's Duplex Tile Technology

ClearSign’s Duplex™ Technology