The choice for cleaner, more efficient combustion is clear.

ClearSign’s technology is aimed at solving the greatest challenge facing the energy industry today: capital intensive emissions control requirements which reduce process throughput, consume energy, complicate design and destroy profits.

Our technologies offer simple retrofit strategies for superior emissions control and improved performance during combustion for a fraction of the cost of after-treatment methods which can only address part of the problem.

Our methods can be deployed anywhere there is an open flame, regardless of the fuel type.

Welcome to the future of combustion.


Why Now?

Nearly two-thirds of global energy consumption can be attributed to the combustion of hydrocarbons and other fuels in boilers, furnaces, kilns and turbines. These systems are used to generate electrical power, and to provide heat for industrial processes and buildings. Combined, they produce more than 50 quadrillion British thermal units (Btus) of energy annually in the U.S. alone. In order to keep pace with regulatory guidelines for air pollution emissions and maximize energy efficiency, system operators are continually installing, maintaining and upgrading a variety of costly control and monitoring systems.

Our Solutions

ClearSign’s revolutionary technologies — Duplex™ Technology and Electrodynamic Combustion Control™ (ECC™) — promise to improve key performance characteristics including energy efficiency, emissions control, fuel flexibility and overall cost effectiveness. Whether used in tandem or independently, ECC and Duplex can significantly improve the performance of the world’s commercial, industrial and utility combustion systems.

ClearSign's Duplex™ Technology in action.

ClearSign’s Duplex™ Technology in action.

ECC™ Technology

Flame anchoring with ClearSign’s ECC™ Technology.